Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I've created these pages to present my career in a format that highlights my experience and expertise, and goes beyond a chronological resume. All my work has been connected by a focus on licensing, contract negotiation, innovative content development on the digital frontier, and working with creative people.

In the senior positions I've held at the companies I've worked for my expertise was built over three key phases and locations. 
New York/Print
In traditional book publishing, at Doubleday, Simon & Schuster and Random House, I sold and negotiated  subsidiary rights deals and pushed the business towards the digital future.

San Francisco/Digital
At start-up internet powerhouses, including excite.com & webmd.com, I built and managed teams to acquire, create and present content in completely new ways, all in high-pressure, chaotic environments.

Portland/Literary Agent
I worked with authors to develop marketable project proposals, sold the projects to major publishers, negotiated the contracts, and managed the relationships with the publishers.
    My strengths and passions include: 

    • Negotiating fair and strong contracts
    • Working with creative people
    • Making order out of chaos -- whether a negotiation, a proposal, a team, or reaching challenging goal.  
    • Being immersed in new challenges.   

    I am looking for the next phase of my career to encompass some or all of these things and I am committed and open to looking at a variety of opportunities.  

    Please explore my site,  view my more traditional resume here, and please get in touch.